Warrnambool School of Art


Understanding Colour Workshop

With Michele Luminato

We are excited to have Michele Luminato from Melbourne run a workshop here at Warrnambool School Of Art.  A not to be missed event and early booking recommended. 


Being able to mix colour is a critical tool in the painter’s arsenal and selecting which colour to select in context of the painting is as important. 

This workshop is an intensive understanding of the colour wheel and how to build a colour palette in hues and values so that you can begin to develop a language in subtlety with depth and interest. You’ll learn the ins and outs of how to paint hundreds of combinations by using 8 acrylic paint colours. (Yes, you don’t have to buy the whole art shop to have interesting colours!)
The workshop is divided into 4 parts.
The first half of the workshop is learning the foundations of colour and working with the colour wheel. We then advance into more complex colours not shown in the traditional colour wheel.
We then look at colour exploration and build colour studies that we can later use in our work. The last part of the workshop is understanding your advanced palette by deconstructing a current palette from inspiration you bring to understand what it takes to mix in context of your painting goal. (See what to bring) You will leave with a greater confidence in working with colour and you will never turn back!

What you will Learn
● Techniques for mixing the colour wheel
● Techniques for mixing more complex       colours
● Colour studies and learning to deconstruct an advanced colour palette

  • Intro to using the brand Golden which are highly pigmented paints of the best quality.

What you Will Get 

● A tool kit of colour studies
●including  a deconstructed advanced colour palette.

What to bring

  1. Bring printed photos or a magazine tear of a colour combination that inspires you that you are terrified to make. We’ll deconstruct that inspiration in the second half of the workshop.
  2. Art Spectrum A4 paper pad for draw & wash or other mixed media pad
  3. Paint kit of Golden paints you can purchase here-https://www.artstoreonline.com.au/collections/paint-acrylic/products/golden-high-flow-assorted-set-of-10-colours

OR pay $10 on the day for paint supplied in the workshop. Please let us know if you wish to order paint on the day.

Note from Michele

If you saw my current work you wouldn’t believe I was once afraid of colour and only worked in black and white. But it’s true.

I was thrown in the deep end of colour in my first professional job. Over a 7 year period I worked on thousands of products at the legend brand Nike, studying colour and trends so immersively that I became a colour expert for the company. I was representative on Nike’s exclusive global colour committee that formed seasonal colour and material trends company wide. 

I studied consumer response to colour, history of colour, colour forecasting, and colour context. Ultimately how to choose the right colour for the context it was going to be in. 

That was just the beginning of my love for colour.

I became obsessed with colour and it has completely led my creative work as a painter today. Knowing how to mix colours and question their context is what keeps me interested.

You can see Michele's work here- https://www.instagram.com/micheleluminatoart

and - https://www.instagram.com/luminatostudio

Understanding Colour Workshop
Time: 10am - 4pm on Saturday 14th March 2020
$ 150.00