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Contemporary Watercolour Painting with Tim Freeman

Contemporary Watercolour Painting with Tim Freeman 

Workshop Description

Come and explore the fun, flexible and relaxing medium of watercolour. This 6 hour workshop is designed to be an introduction to contemporary watercolour. In a relaxed and fun environment, with a small group size, Tim will guide you through his step-by-step process to create your own watercolour paintings.

This workshop requires no prior experience!

What you will learn

  • Finding inspiration
  • Introduction to paints, paper and brushes
  • Introduction to various watercolour techniques including, washes, wet on wet, dropping in, layering and textures plus lots more.

Take home your amazing creations at the end of the workshop

What to bring

  • 300gsm Cold press watercolour paper – A4 or A3 (A3 preferable)
  • Brushes – Round, around sizes 6 and 8, Flat size 12 (or ½ inch)
  • Rag or paper towel

What is supplied

  • I will supply all required paint and palettes
  • Water pots
  • Masking tape

What to wear

  • Casual - something you don't mind getting paint on


Workshop Outline


Materials Part - 1

  • Paper 
  • Paint 

Techniques - Part 1

  • Mixing colours 
  • Washes and Glazes 
  • Gradients
  • Wet on Wet and Dropping in 

Project 1 Create 

Materials - Part 2

  • Brushes 

Techniques - Part 2

  • Blooming 
  • Texture - Salt 
  • Masking 
  • Stretching Paper

Project 2 Create




Tim Freeman 

Some years ago Tim was looking for a technology free way to relax and escape the stresses of modern life. After attending an introductory watercolour workshop he knew he was onto something. Tim instantly fell in love with the fun, flexible and relaxing medium.

Tim believes enjoying the process of painting is more important than what is produced. By following this philosophy he finds great enjoyment from his art and wishes to share this with others.

Tim was a featured artist in RAW Melbourne "Transcend" November 2017.


Please note cancellation less than 7 days notice shall not be refunded unless the place can be filled.

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Contemporary water colour painting
Time: 10am- 4pm on Sunday 5th May 2024
Warrnambool School Of Art
$ 250.00